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Business risk is inherent in any business, and good risk management is an essential aspect of running a successful business.  It is more than debt recovery in Egypt.


As a debt collectors in Egypt, and a shareholder of TCM Group. TCM Egypt manages debt portfolios.  That includes fresh, old loans, non performing loans ( NPL ), secured and unsecured, B2B or B2C.  

Debt collectors in Egypt charges a percentage from the collected amount on the basis of no collection no fees (NCNF). Amicable solution to debt problem is preferable and our first approach to improve your cash flow.  No unethical tactics are used.   Read more on debt recovery in Egypt.

Legal solution to the problems of debt recovery in Egypt is an alternative if negotiations with debtor led to nowhere, or if repayment plan didn’t hold.

We evaluate the case based on available documents and debtor’s financial status, then recommend the right course of action and take care of the claim from filing suit till judgement execution.

Insurance frauds and financial crimes cause significant losses to insurers and their policyholders. Against this background, policyholders must be able to rely on the fact that insurers prevent and investigate insurance fraud and other similar abuses with efficiency and limit the losses that may be incurred by policyholders as a result of fraudulent claims. 

In the context of these guidelines, and as a private investigators in Egypt,  we conduct insurance investigation, which refers to the investigation of suspected insurance fraud.

We are able through our trained case handlers to investigate matters pertaining to suspicious claims, determine facts, gather evidence and report you the findings.

In today’s challenging business environment, due diligence plays an essential role in making a success of a prospective business transaction and right decision.

Whether it be an acquisition, a contract with a new supplier or establishing an alliance with another company, check before you take decision.

Performing a due diligence in Egypt goes well beyond readily available data that can be gathered via the internet.

In order to be truly valuable to the company, a good due diligence report would offer market intelligence insights distilled through an unbiased assessment.

A background check will investigate a candidate’s background based on criteria determined by the employer. A check on a candidate’s background may include employment history, education certificate among other points.

Getting legal documents served promptly is important, especially if it is relates to an impending court hearing or deposition. Personal service means direct delivery to the party named on the summons, complaint, or petition and delivery proof is required. We serve you nationwide.

Companies has intellectual property rights to protect a trademark from counterfeiting and infringement.  If you think your brand is being counterfeited in Egypt and need our help give us a call.

The stress of moving to a new country, of uprooting your family and leaving behind loved ones is enormous, even if you move for a short time.  

We help expats with formalities, relocation, housing, schooling, car rental, medical service and more. We look forward to help you with your move.


Outsourcing is something that virtually every business does to save money. In the digital age, so much of what is moved abroad is information. With the EU GDPR came into force from May 25th, 2018 it’s time we took a closer look. To say it’s going to change things is an understatement. Click for more info

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The way we handle your case is important so you make sure we will not jeopardize your business relation with your customer during conducting our job, meanwhile we should be able to achieve the best result within the fastest possible time frame. Click for more info

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Most frequent questions and answers

No, TCM Egypt is not a debt buyer, we are a debt collection agency in Egypt and act on our clients’ behalf to recover outstanding balances.

We charge contingency fee, which is a percentage of the collected amount, or fixed fee in case of business intelligence tasks.

No, we don’t and can’t have access to financial data unless it is a public record/published financial statements.

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