Insurance fraud investigation is an investigation conducted to determine whether or not insurance fraud is taking place.Over 20 years, TCM Egypt International foiled hundreds of fraud insurance claims all over Egypt, saving our clients millions of dollars on fraud life insurance and hundreds of fraud travel insurance claims all over Egypt. TCM Egypt International specializes in offering its high Quality Service of Insurance Fraud Investigations In Egypt. We focus on fulfilling our clients’ needs with investigation scams in Egypt by providing them with timely and precise outcomes.Accident and Loss Scene Investigations In Egypt. Insurance Fraud investigations in Egypt. Travel/Tourism Insurance Claim Investigations in Egypt.. Accident Claims Investigations in Egypt.. Auto Liability and Bodily Injury Claims Investigations In Egypt. Workers’ Compensation Investigations In Egypt.. Alive and Well Check Investigations In Egypt.. Theft Claim Investigations in Egypt. Property Claims Investigations In Egypt. Life and Health Claims Investigations In Egypt.Contestable Death Claims Investigations In Egypt. Disability Investigations In Egypt. Slip and Fall Investigations In Egypt. Third Party Claims/ Medical-Claims/Personal accident investigations in Egypt. Law enforcement / court assistance. Interviews all over Egypt. Sharm elshikh , hurghada , dahab , marsa alam , luxor.

Private Investigators Service that provides all of our clients, both private and corporate, with a very high level of service and commitment, and delivered in the most efficient and professional way possible. With many years combined investigating experience and over 19 years of official trading, our company has earned an enviable reputation for being a highly professional, diligent and detective agency, specializing in Background Checks, Tracing, and Due Diligence investigation.

Private investigators in Egypt, TCM Egypt provide business private investigation services in Egypt and the middle east for 20 years since 1999. We are fortunate to have attracted the finest Egypt and the Middle East and North Africa private detectives, surveillance operatives and field investigators available in the industry. We have built a reputation as the premier provider of successful yet cost-effective investigations. Our investigators are representative of Egypt and include both a cultural and gender diverse team. The team has participated in thousands of investigations and these experiences have honed our abilities to a level that few Egypt private investigators ever reach, hence we pride ourselves as one of the top private business investigation companies in Egypt and the Middle East and North Africa.  Our unique makeup and blend of experience allows us to approach each investigation from a solid foundation while remaining innovative and adaptable to our client’s needs if they need private investigators in Egypt and the Middle East. CORPORATE INVESTIGATION, WORKPLACE THEFT AND FACTUAL INVESTIGATION SERVICES AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE. Background checks are a critical risk mitigation strategy in protecting businesses in today’s competitive marketplace. For example, would be a component of a Corporate Investigation service, as it gives employers a means to dig further into a person’s past, thereby assisting to determine the legitimacy of their education, previous work experiences and more.  If you search for business and corporate investigations, search no more, TCM Egypt is your business asset in the Middle East and North Africa.

Business Intelligence in Egypt & the Middle East

Business investigation in Egypt and the middle east

Business Intelligence in Egypt and the Middle East, refers to the practices and tactics used to gather and analyze
business information to help executives, managers and shareholders of a corporate make informed business decisions.
We conduct business investigations and due diligence with the highest legal and ethical standards

Insurance fraud investigation

Insurance frauds and financial crimes cause significant losses to insurers and their policyholders. Against this background, policyholders must be able to rely on the fact that insurers prevent and investigate insurance fraud, and other similar abuses with efficiency, and limit the losses that may be incurred by policyholders as a result of fraudulent claims. In the context of these guidelines, and as a private investigators in Egypt and worldwide, we conduct insurance investigation, which refers to the investigation of suspected insurance fraud. Through the service of Business Intelligence and verification in Egypt and the Middle East, we are able through our trained case handlers, to investigate matters pertaining to suspicious claims, determine facts, gather evidence and report you the findings.

Corporate due diligence and investigation

In today’s challenging business environment, due diligence plays an essential role in making a success of a prospective business transaction and right decision. Where the main purpose is to supply the client with as much relevant information in order to make informed decision. Whether it be an acquisition, a contract with a new supplier or establishing an alliance with another company, check before you take decision. Performing a due diligence in Egypt and worldwide goes well beyond readily available data that can be gathered via the internet. In order to be truly valuable to the company, a good due diligence report would offer market intelligence insights distilled through an unbiased assessment. By performing Business Intelligence and verification in Egypt and the Middle East, the corporate investigation covers verification on business partners and key directors and on the company basic information.

Background check

Hiring a new employee is a big decision that can cost your business a lot of money if it’s not done correctly. To ensure you hire the best candidate possible, it is often a good idea to run a background check before making a final decision. A background check will investigate a candidate’s background based on criteria determined by the employer. A check on a candidate’s background may include employment history, education certificate, professional licenses, among other points. We accommodates to businesses of all sizes, and offers unique services and capabilities to each client. Pre-employment background checks is part of the Business Intelligence in Egypt and the Middle East, and it can provide employers with critical details about a person’s past that may impact whether the candidate is a good fit for the job they are applying for.

Trademark protection

Companies has intellectual property rights to protect a trademark from counterfeiting and infringement.  If you think your brand is being counterfeited in Egypt and need our help give us a call. We will conduct field investigation to identify the source counterfeit goods,  production or distribution. Then we gather evidence through trial purchases. Finally we coordinate with security enforcement organization to seize the merchandise and support the legal suit at courts.

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