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Working with a debt collection and business verification company in Egypt has its advantage.  Recovering debts and managing debt portfolio in Egypt requires skills, knowledge and local culture awareness.  And we are not only handling and managing debt collection in Egypt cases, but we also provides business investigation services in Egypt and around the world.  So by outsourcing your case to TCM Egypt , you save yourself invaluable time, effort and minimize business risk . Moreover, you are covered globally in around 150 country and not only in Egypt.


Debt Collectors in Egypt on commission no collection no fees

No Collection No Fees

You don't pay fees before we successfully recover the debt, that means no overhead or upfront cost. Our agents are highly experienced and are results driven. However, that concept doesn't apply on legal suits if we had to go legal, or if we had to deal with third party to conduct skip tracing for example.

International Debt collectors in Egypt

Global Coverage

No need to travel to negotiate settlement or chase debtors worldwide, we are your global arm and you can count on us with your debt collection and business verification cases.

Private Investigation company in Egypt

Skip Tracing

Locating debtors is a key element in the debt recovery process. This practice takes place with debt collection in Egypt cases usually when the contact information on an account is no longer valid.

Debt collection Business investigation in Egypt

Visit to debtors

We don't rely on phone calls, emails or letters only but we visit the debtors if phone calls and emails proved ineffective. Debt collection in Egypt needs field visits to put pressure on debtors, because it is easier to avoid phone calls and come up with different excuses. Visits makes it crystal clear that you are not going to give up on the pursuing of the debt.

amicable debt collection in egypt

Amicable Collection Service

Legal path is not the best route to go and it may jeopardize your business relation with the client. Besides it may take up to 3 years at court until judgment, and another 2 years to execute the court judgment.

Debt collection company in Egypt and private investigators in Egypt

Domestic Coverage

If debt collection in Egypt is your case, we cover the whole country. Whether it is a debt collection or business investigation in Egypt request, we can help you with your case.

Debt collection company in Egypt

B2B & B2C cases

Debt collection in Egypt cases is not one type. We accept Business to Business cases "B2B" and Business to Consumers cases "B2C". Debt recovery tactics are different with each type and we do cover it all.

Debt collection Business investigation in Egypt

Old & New cases

Don't write off the debt before you consult us. We don't only accept fresh debts, but we can help you with your old debts. Although new cases should be easier in handling and recovery, but we have 20 years experience in dealing with aged debts.

Outsourcing advantages

The lower cost of operation and labor, and reduction in overhead costs makes it attractive to outsource. Generally speaking, when certain functions of a company become operationally uncontrollable, outsourcing helps to overcome such difficulties.  But today, it is not only about cutting cost but also about reaping the benefits of strategic outsourcing such as accessing skilled expertise, reducing overhead, flexible staffing, and increasing efficiency, reducing turnaround time and eventually generating more profit. The same applies on debt recovery in Egypt and accounts receivable functions.  There are many reasons why a company should outsource to a collection agency the function of managing and collecting past due accounts.  Read more on the advantage of outsourcing debt collection in Egypt.

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