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More than debt collection in Egypt. Working with a debt collection and business intelligence company in Egypt has its advantage. Recovering loans, managing debt portfolios and conducting business due diligence in Egypt requires skills, knowledge and local culture awareness. We are not only handling and managing debt collection in Egypt, but we also provides business due diligence & investigation services in Egypt and around the world. So by outsourcing your case to TCM Egypt , you save yourself invaluable time, effort and minimize business risk . Moreover, you are covered globally in around 150 country and not only in Egypt.


Debt Collectors in Egypt No Collection No Fees

No Collection No Fees

You don't pay fees before we successfully recover the debt, that means no overhead cost. Our agents are highly experienced and results driven. However, that concept doesn't apply on legal suits if needed.

International debt collection

Global Coverage

No need to travel to negotiate settlement or chase debtors worldwide, we are your global arm and you can count on us with your debt collection and business verification cases.

Skip Tracing

Locating debtors is a key element in the debt recovery process. This practice takes place with debt collection in Egypt cases usually when the contact information on an account is no longer valid.

Debt recovery company in Egypt

Site Visits

We don't rely on phone calls,only but we visit the debtors if phone calls and emails proved ineffective. Debt collection in Egypt needs field visits to put pressure on debtors. Visits makes it crystal clear that you are not going to give up.

Amicable debt collection in Egypt

Amicable Collection

Legal path is not the best route to go and it may jeopardize your business relation with the client. Besides it may take up to 3 years at court until judgment, and another 2 years to execute it.

Debt collection agency in Egypt. Business investigation in Egypt

Domestic Coverage

If debt collection in Egypt is your case, we cover the whole country. Whether it is a debt collection or business investigation in Egypt request, we can help you with your case.

B2B, B2C debt collection in Egypt

B2B & B2C

Debt collection in Egypt cases is not one type. We accept Business to Business cases "B2B" and Business to Consumers cases "B2C". Debt recovery tactics are different with each type.

Old & New Portfolio

Don't write off the debt before you reach out and consult us. We don't only accept fresh debts, but we can help you with your old debts. Although new cases should be easier to handle and recover, but we have 20 years experience in dealing with aged debts.

Our game is about credit and business risk management, and it involves debt recovery and business investigation

We operates worldwide in several countries with different emphasize to provide international debt recovery & business investigation services

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Private investigations in middle east and africa

Investigation in Middle East & Africa

Operating overseas in some zones may impose challenges due to different business environment, culture &laws. Some practical guidance on how best to navigate them.

credit control and cash flow

Credit management & cash flow

Companies must monitor their credit control and cash flow to maintain good financial health. Here are some tips to help you improve your cash flow.

Some of our awesome clients

International debt collection specialists for Egypt, TCM Egypt is one of the top debt collection agencies in Egypt & MENA and has been successfully serving clients in the commercial and banking sectors for more than 19 years, during that time the company has gained expert knowledge in retrieving consumer debts and commercial invoices, both on the Egyptian market and worldwide. As members and shareholders in TCM Group International, we are committed to excellence and integrity at every stage of the debt collection process.Partnering with us means partnering with quality … on a global scale. And because we don’t get paid if you don’t get your money back, we do everything in our power to debt collection company in Egypt ensure that your time and money do not go to waste and that your debts are recovered—quickly, amicably, professionally.

Quality of one of the best debt and loan collection agencies-companies in Egypt

Our mission as one of the oldest debt collection agencies in Egypt and MENA zone is to provide you with best quality international debt collection services through maintaining the highest professional standards in the industry. Your Business—Our Methods – oldest specialized debt collection company in Egypt.

We understand your business depends on the health of its cash flow, on good relations with its customers, and on its good reputation. That’s why we make use of a diverse range of collection methods to achieve the highest rates possible in speedily and amicably collecting debt. These methods include sending dunning letters, making telephone calls, and dispatching experienced field agents to visit debtors on-site for settlement negotiations. In 78 per cent of our cases, we recover out of court. Only when we have exhausted all means of amicable collection do, we offer litigation.Whether it’s a small consumer debt or a debt collection company in Egypt and one of the oldest and biggest debt collection companies/agencies in Egypt and the middle east and north Africa, large commercial invoice, we are there for you. To be considered one of the top debt collection agency in Egypt and the Middle East, we have handled cases from a few hundred to millions of dollars, with the average claim in 2012 coming to $2000. We collect loans and debts in Egypt and north Africa and the middle east for small local businesses and multinational corporations alike. The insurance, bank, telecommunications, shipping, wholesale, and import/export sectors are just some of the areas of which we have specialist knowledge. We are your arm to increase your cash flow. TCM Egypt is the oldest specialized debt collection agency in Egypt.

Private investigation agency in Egypt

Top and one of the best private investigation companies in Egypt and the Middle East and North Africa.  We conduct special business investigations in Egypt such as skip tracing, insurance fraud investigation and corporate investigations and due diligence. TCM Egypt provide . With over 20 years of experience in private investigation, we have the expertise, and resources. Claims and risk management often focus on matters of insurance fraud. However, there are several other major considerations when assessing areas of corporate risk. Billions of dollars are lost every year because of employee theft, fraud, accidents, absenteeism, and misconduct. Threats range from internal sources such as workplace violence to external sources such as terrorism or theft. TCM Egypt is your asset to conduct business due diligence and business investigations. TCM Egypt  your Private investigation agency in Egypt.

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