Debt collection & business investigation in Austria

Out of court debt collection

Debt collection in Austria. First of all we charge you just a percentage from the collected amount for pre legal solution. Further more we adopt the concept of No Collection No Fees (NCNF). As a result you will not be charged before debt recovery get accomplished ,and you will guarantee that our side stay highly motivated to achieve the targeted result.

TCM Egypt through Global Professional Network has more than 20 years experience collecting and recovering debts around the world. The group handles all types of debt portfolios new and old, commercial , banking, insurance, healthcare, tourism, government, students and others, Business to Business (B2B), and even more Business to Consumer (B2C). 

Most noteworthy, we speak the debtors’ language and yours, and certainly our skilled local debt collection agency will handle your case in a professional and honest way so that you maintain your business relation with your client /customer. We abide by our international group code of ethics, fair collection practices & GDP

Legal debt collection

If amicable – out of court – solutions didn’t recover your debt in Austria, we are capable of pursuing a legal suit through our local legal team and represent you before court of law. The legal team will evaluate the case and properly advise you on the best path to go.  Legal case’s fees varies and depends on the case complexity and other factors.

The documents required will be bill of lading, contract, original invoices or stamped as original invoices, statement of account, delivery acceptance,  invoice acknowledgment and any exchanged emails related to the transaction or the deal.

Contact us and ask for more information about debt collection in Austria, and we will be glad to assist you anytime.

Business intelligence

We provide more services to meet the different needs of our clients. The below services and more are covered,  just drop us an email and ask for more information. 

  • Skip trace
  • Insurance claims
  • Business investigation
  • Background verification
  • Process serving

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