Expats Assistance in Egypt

Moving to a new country is a challenge for you and your family. It is a new culture, different language and laws,
which will be a pain and you need to adopt. Here comes the advantage of our Expat Assistance in Egypt service.

Relocation Services

Good preparation is key to any international relocation. We will ensure your arrival is as stress free as possible so you are not faced with silly and time consuming issues during the first weeks or months after arrival. For these, and many other reasons, TCM Egypt offers arrival and settling-in solutions, to ensure that your new life in Egypt will be well-organised from start to finish.

  • Pre-Visit Arrangements
    Airport Arrival Services
    Telephone and Internet Service Set-up
    Arrangement of Temporary Transport
    Booking of Hotel and Temporary Accommodation
    Country and Social Orientation
    Education Assistance
    Immigration Services
    Housing Services
    Move of Personal Effects & Pets
    House Settling-in Support
    Legal Documentation

Departure Solutions

When the time comes to leave Egypt many arrangements that were made upon arrival will now need to be reversed. You will want to move your personal effects, need to cancel your work permit, and close bank accounts. TCM Egypt can help you take care of all these things.

Move of Personal Effects & Pets
House Contract Closure
Immigration & Legal Documents

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