Legal Debt Recovery in Egypt & the Middle East

Legal debt recovery

We take care of your debt case from sending summon, through different court phases until judgment execution.
Coverage in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar,
Saudi Arabia Emirates and Yemen.

If you’ve exhaustively chased a customer and there’s still no sign of a payment, it’s time to consider the possible legal action you can take. Sometimes, there’s simply no choice but to escalate the situation further to ‘encourage’ a customer to pay. there are cases when a customer becomes insolvent and simply doesn’t have the money to pay. We will need POA to act on your behalf and represent you before courts. Summon will be sent through the court notifying your opponent about the raised case. We then file suit at court and start the proceedings. The next steps depends on the defendant’s action and whether he choose to defend or to settle. You will be updated during all the case phases preliminary, appeal until final judgment. After winning a judgment, and as a creditor you have the right to seize the debtor’s assets in case he refused to pay, that is of course if the debtors owned assets.  Normally legal cases in Egypt takes up to 3 years and another 2 years for execution.  Executing a court judgment depends on the availability of assets and cash belongs to the debtor, therefore it is highly recommended to conduct some kind of check before proceeding with legal action.

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