Process service in Egypt. Serving papers and legal documents in Egypt, Cairo, Alexandria and all Egyptian cities Since 1990. Dedicated and specialist facility to US, Australia, Asia and Europe clients seeking to serve court papers in Egypt. Serving Commercial Papers. Serving Corporate Litigation Papers. Serving Subpoena/Complaints/Petitions. Serving Divorce Papers. Serving Papers related to Child Custody. It is noteworthy that Process service in Egypt is serving all types of Judicial and Extra Judicial documents related to civil and commercial matters

Our Egypt process server will handle your case promptly and efficiently.

Process service in Egypt by TCM Egypt serves legal documents in all cities of Egypt. We will serve your legal documents as allowed by law in Egypt. Process Services in Egypt by TCM Egypt specializes in legal service in Egypt (including Cairo, Giza, Alexandria Sharm Elsheikh , Hurghada) and is one of the few firms that handles international service of process and offers competitive rates. We use advanced methods to offer the process services in different parts of Egypt to meet the specific demands of process services. These are categorized as for your convenience.There are numerous countries of the world which are under the signatories of Hague Service Convention through which the documents have to be processed from the Ministry of law or other responsible authorities. Egypt is one such country which is accepted the discipline of Hague Convention and has become the Signatory of The Hague Convention. The documents served under this head use our Formal Service or the methods recommended by the Country itself. The turnaround time of completing the service is usually processed in 3-5 months including the judgmental reviews. Using local process servers can save you a significant amount of time and money. By using a local process server you are working directly with the people who are serving your papers. This results in more efficient communication and a higher level of customer service. TCM is your trusted agent to provide Process service in Egypt.

TCM Egypt  – Process Server in Egypt is Process Servers and Inquiry Agent operating Egypt-Wide |a Low Cost Fixed Fee Egypt Process Server or Inquiry. We have experienced, local Process Servers and Inquiry Agents covering every City, Town and Village in Egypt since 1999.

Serving documents in Egypt through our extensive network of both process servers and connections get your documents delivered in a timely manner. We deliver your legal documents through methods that are accepted in all courts worldwide. We will serve your legal documents anywhere in the world. We provide you with a team of skilled, knowledgeable, diligent and competent international service specialists. We quote firm rates, in advance – with no hidden fees

Process service in Egypt through local agent save you time. The following is a summary of the methods available for service in Egypt as well as a specific proposal for process service. In general, we conduct our Serving documents services through informal services which are the responsibility of our own process server to deliver the documents on right place and in right hands. It is noteworthy that Process service in Egypt through Informal service normally takes less time as compare to Formal services and the time frame can end up within 7-10 Business days. Serving legal documents in Egypt, like divorce documents, legal documents. Litigation, Issuing and filling at the court. All Insolvency Act related documents. Orders to Attend Court for Questioning. Injunction Orders /Suspended Committal Orders.Notice Seeking Possession & Possession Order.The service of affidavit is providing as a part of procedure of completing the service which is usually generated after the completion for the proof that the service has been done at right place and in right hands. In some countries, the court orders to provide the proof of serving and our service is helpful in such cases, indeed this is the proof of our authentic services.
We are professional process servers and legal documents servers in Egypt Cairo, Alexandria, Gizeh, Port Said, Suez, El Mahalla el Kubra, Luxor, Asyut, Tanta, El Faiyum, Ismailia, Aswan,Qena, Sohag, Beni and Suef. For any kind of Information on process service.

Process service in Egypt proudly serve the Community, Attorneys and the Public with our expert Process Serving, Court Filings, Court Research & General Notary Public services in Egypt cities from Alexandria to Aswan. Serving documents in Egypt. Our mission is to serve Attorneys, the Real Estate Community and the Public with the best service possible. We are diligent and willing to go the distance to get the job of Process service in Egypt. done quickly, correctly and to our clients exact specifications. Therefore we are the best and quickest process servers in Egypt cities like greater Cairo, Giza, Alex, Sharm El sheikh, Hurghada and Luxor.

Process serving in Egypt & the Middle East

process serving in Egypt

Process serving in Egypt and the Middle East. TCM Egypt delivers on timely manner legal documents to your opponents.
We cover these countries, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman,Saudi Arabia, Emirates,
Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen and Iraq.

Process serving in Egypt and the Middle East deals with providing a party with notice that a legal proceeding or lawsuit has been filed against him/her. Hiring a process server can help ensure your legal documents are delivered to the opposing party Service of process is also important because it notifies the defendant that the plaintiff is bringing a lawsuit and that the courts will hear the impending lawsuit.
A local process server in Egypt knows and understands the complex laws of process-serving. Teaming up with a competent process server in Egyptian cities can help you save time and money by avoiding common service of process pitfalls. summonses, complaints, subpoenas, writs, and other court documents.  A process server in Egypt can help you track down a “hard to find” individual, or a person who attempts to avoid service all together.  Once a complaint is filed with the court, the plaintiff will have a specified period of time to serve the court summons and complaint on the defendant. If the plaintiff is unable to serve the defendant within that time-frame, the plaintiff will have to refile his/her complaint and start the service of process all over again.

A complaint will not proceed unless proof is provided to the court that the defendant has received proper notice. This prompts the plaintiff into quickly serving the defendant. Hiring a registered process server can help ensure the defendant receives the court summons and complaint in a timely manner. In addition to the initial personal service requirement, subsequent legal documents filed on each party must be responded to within a specified period of time. Process serving in Egypt and the Middle East is often used to ensure subsequent legal documents are served in a timely manner.

Process servers in Egypt deliver legal documents in all Egyptian cities. TCM Egypt advise you on business investigation in Egypt, skip tracing in Egypt, counterfeit investigations in Egypt, debt collection in Egypt. loans collections in Egypt.

As a document servers in Egypt, we serve Court Orders Egypt-Wide. We have Process Servers in Egyptian cities and Inquiry Agents, ready to assist you in in every City, Town and Village in the Egypt cities like Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Sharm ElSheikh, Hurghada, Luxor and Aswan.

We serve all types of legal process – documents in Egypt including Court Orders, Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy Petitions and Winding-Up Petitions, Claim Forms, Writs, Citations and Summons, Divorce Petitions, Family and Children’s Proceedings.

Our Process Servers in Egypt, Private Bailiffs, Inquiry Agents or Private Investigators are some of the most experienced people in our industry. You can instruct Process Servers in Egypt, safe in the knowledge your case will be dealt with by an experienced professionals. A network of process servers in Egypt dedicated to offer all kind of process services in Egypt including both the official and unofficial services as the part of legal support services. We are proud to deliver legal documents in Egypt and all cities in Egypt like Cairo, Giza, Alex, Sharm Elsheikh and Hurghada and of our individualists which make the people to use our trustworthy process services; there are adequate reasons to choose our process services in Egypt.

TCM Egypt is an experienced Process servers in Egypt, we deliver legal documents in Egypt nationwide. TCM Egypt is a private investigators company that conduct , legal servers in Egypt, business investigation services in Egypt. skip tracing services in Egypt, insurance fraud investigations in Egypt and globally, business intelligence in Egypt. Fast delivery to legal notifications and documents in Egypt cities. Process serving as fast as you get in Egypt. We have strong network of our intelligent process servers to get your documents delivered at right place and in stipulated time.We deliver all kinds of legal documents even if the address is not sure and also perform skip tracing services and verification services if needed.All our process servers in Egypt are well trained and completely familiar with all the locations according to their locale respectively to avoid any kind delay and interruption in the process in a professional manner.We furnish notarized Affidavits and the statements are drafted internally by our legally-trained process servers. Process serving in Egypt and legal serving in Egypt is our thing.

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