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International debt  collection services worldwide. International debt collection and recovery can be one of the most complicated and costly tasks your business will face. Global loans and debts collection. 30 years experience in overseas debt and loans recovery.Most companies with sales abroad feel that their debt collection service fails to deliver when it comes to collecting foreign debts.

With TCM Egypt, we can offer you our debt collection solutions anywhere in the world any time you don’t get paid for the products and services you deliver, wherever your customer may be. Worldwide debt collection services in Europe, Africa, USA, Australia and Asia. If our pre-legal action is unsuccessful, we can carry out legal action on your behalf. Should legal action become necessary, we can provide lawyers who specialize in the trading laws of the individual country involved.

International debt recovery and business investigation could be a hard task. Because there are several barriers encounters your mission, in addition to the different regulations and laws in the country where your business is. Therefore you really shouldn’t invest money and time trying to skip trace debtors, negotiate and recover your due balance. Above all locals knows locals, hence knows better how to deal with local variables during the whole process. Most importantly, time is of a great essence,  therefore you should act before ending up with wrong decisions and bad debts. 

The best solution to overcome issues that comes with overseas cases is to immediately engage a debt collection and business investigation company with global coverage to act on your behalf. We have the knowledge, expertise and tools to deal with your case, and above all we have the capabilities to cover our clients worldwide on different tasks.

Service scope varies according to each country’s regulations and applicable laws. Example of our services; business investigations and due diligence, amicable debt collection (out of court debt collection) or represent you legally before courts if legal action is required. 

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To sum it up, the lower cost of operation and hiring, and minimizing the overhead cost makes it pretty much appealing to outsource your back office functions and even some major tasks. Generally speaking, when certain functions of a corporate or a bank become operationally out of control, outsourcing jump in to overcome such hardships.  It is not only about cost but also about gaining the benefits of strategic outsourcing like hunting skilled labor, reducing overhead, flexible hiring, and increasing efficiency, and eventually generating more profit. The same applies on debt recovery in Egypt and accounts receivable functions.  There are many reasons why a company should outsource to a collection agency the function of managing and collecting past due accounts. 

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